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My Color Note Notepad

"I love this app. It is very organized and keeps all of your data sage. It comes with many sections to store you notes and even have labels (very helpful)"


My Color Note Notepad is the best solution for organizing your business and private life! Keep your notes and memos secure with password protection and easily edit notes in this superb editing notepad. Our notes book with password will certainly help you out whether you need a business planner or an everyday journal with a shopping list and to do list and it will organize your day for you perfectly. No more forgetting meetings, important events, birthdays or your groceries list! Here, with My Color Note Notepad you can plan your day and finish everything ahead of schedule, so get the free download here today!

→ Label your notes with colors!
→ Make a To Do list or a predefined shopping list!
→ Attach photos, drawings, audio recordings or files to your notes!
→ Set a reminder for an important task!
→ Lock your notes by setting a password!
→ Search your notes by date, a label or a keyword!
→ Use the calendar to easily organize your schedule!
→ Add note widgets to your home screen!
→ Share your notes!
→ Easily Backup & Restore your data using your account!
→ Customize your note app - choose a theme, font, paper style, time format, check box style!

Attach files, photos or recording notes to your entries and rest assured that they will be well protected because the color notepad free allows you to enter and safely store text notes that can only be viewed and edited if you have the correct password. So hurry and download My Color Note Notepad and organize your life like a real businessman!

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