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Girly Lock Screen Wallpaper


"This is amazing, I love it and it's super cute💖"

Welcome to an amazing collection of wallpapers for screen lockers! Girly Lock Screen Wallpaper with Quotes is one of the cutest apps for girls on the market and has all the backgrounds for your locked screen that you need. Set a wallpaper with quote on your locked phone and let the quote inspire you to do amazing things. Protect your device by setting a pass code that only you will know. This free app for stylish girls is just what every young lady needs to protect her privacy and have an amazing smartphone or tablet all the time. Sparkle and shine with Girly Lock Screen Wallpaper with Quotes, get the free download here!

     Set your favorite wallpaper for girls with quotes, choose among various beautiful images!
     Choose am/pm or 24h time setting!
     Show or hide battery!
     Show or hide missed call and new message notifications!
     Download this cute screen locker for free!

Keep the intruders away from your phone! Get this lock screen with quotes and cute messages will appear on your locked display. Try out our pretty lock screen for girls and customize your phone the way you've always wanted. Every time someone tries to slide to unlock your phone, they will be stopped right away because your cute password for lock screen for girls will be there to protect your smartphone. Set a hilarious locker screen wallpaper! You can choose one of many from our fantastic collection of girly wallpapers for lock screen, and brag about the new awesome look of your phone or tablet to all your friends! Change your screen lock every day with Girly Lock Screen Wallpaper with Quotes! 
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