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Pink Diary with Lock Password


"It was like a friend for me. I can share my feelings to it."

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Do you want to hear a secret? We designed the cutest emoji diary with lock you have ever had on your mobile phone or tablet. Meet Pink Diary with Lock Password for Girls, you new bff in the form of a secret diary book that will store all your secrets and desires that you've so longed to tell. Now you can be sure that this private journal with password won't give away your thoughts because you and choose a lock - pattern, pin or safe, and lock your diary and keep away nosy readers. What's more, my secret note book has the most lovely book paper themes, theme colors and stylish fonts that will inspire you and you won't be able to stop writing! Confide to your true friend, Pink Diary with Lock Password for Girls, and rest assured that it will never let you down!

     Make unlimited entries
     Add photos and mood emojis
     Set a pin, pattern or a safe lock
     Reset, backup & restore your data!
     Download it for free!
Lock you secrets away using the best my secret book with lock made specially for that purpose. Intimate thoughts and moments should always remain secret and with our secret diary with lock and key everything that you write in your diary will remain private and safe. Use this adorable pink secret diary with lock for girls to record all your thoughts and even your future plans, and reread them over time. This personal journal with password is a trusted friend who never judges you and who is always there for you so you can open up your heart without fear that someone will read it except you. So wherever you are, just take our your smartphone or tablet and write your own diary! Download Pink Diary with Lock Password for Girls free of charge!
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